Rice & Bowl started off as a small neighborhood restaurant in late 200- in Bhopal, seating only twenty people at a time. The capacity of the restaurant was not an issue because it’s philosophy of serving ‘good food’ and ‘serving it well’ in a hygienic environment was and is still the top priority. The authentic Chinese food and friendly personalized service soon gained guests from all over Bhopal, each leading to another by the word of mouth alone.

2002 saw the need to cater to the growing clientele and finally took shape around August-September when Rice n Bowl geared up for an “upgrade”. This started another restaurant in Bhopal in 11 no stop.  

With the support and love of the people, we look into the future with great optimism and aim to be a household name in Chinese food in Bhopal. We take this opportunity to thank each and everyone who has tasted and liked our food and for supporting us in looking ahead in bringing the best Chinese food experience.

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